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Angel 3pm – 4am

Angel   3pm – 4am

Angel looks like a sweet angelic professional woman.  Disciplined, smart dresser, well groomed, blonde, glasses giving her a rather sexy look, but you know that when she gets a little hot and flustered, that sophisticated innocence is going to give way to wanton slut as those large green eyes stare mischievously into yours and she licks her lips slightly moistening them ready for passionate deep hungry kissing.

She has the total package, mature enough to be skilled for any encounter, yet young enough for you still to admire her curvy, toned figure and bright positive banter.

Performs the most sensual and professional massages as a qualified and experienced masseuse

Completely bisexual, Angel loves to duo and role-play with our other girls.  This pocket rocket standing at 5.2 is going to be very popular and is available NOW.